Long time no write

I haven’t written here in some time. I closed this off, partly because I wasn’t sure if I had written to many inappropriate details about what happened with my mom.

I’ve missed it, though. However, I’m stuck between wanting people to read it and wanting privacy.

There’s been a big change since I wrote here last — I moved to Hong Kong. I saw a job listing online at the last minute, applied, and got it. Actually, it’s been a much rougher transition than I had anticipated, and I have actually thought about quitting and going back to the US many times. I think this is a much less caring, much more harsh society than the Mainland. People here are unhappier too as well. Work hours are long, rents are high, food choices aren’t as varied as in the Mainland. The students generally don’t have the same enthusiastic attitude toward learning so it’s hard to connect with them. They (and people here in general), only seem to be interested in what goes on here — if something takes place outside of Hong Kong, they generally are not interested. I haven’t really made any friends here yet, partly because people aren’t as friendly and partly because I’ve been really tired. Is it my age, I wonder? I’m fatigued easily lately.

The best thing so far this year is that I took a trip to Gansu, where I have never been before. Mostly I went because I like noodles so much that I wanted to go to Lanzhou. I also visited a town called Linxia, which people call the Chinese Mecca, since nearly everyone there is Muslim, and Xiahe, which has a huge Buddhist monastery. I took some nice pictures and really enjoyed myself.

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One Response to Long time no write

  1. Alice says:

    Hi Mary Frances,

    Long time no see my old Friend.
    I kept this website and not got in very often so I almost forgot it.
    I read some articles in this website and knows you worked in HK and your travel.
    It looks great!
    I left my last employer and get a new job as manager assistant in accounting and legal area. And get a new boyfriend and went to Thailand and Japan in 2015 and 2016.
    Hope this comment finds you well and miss you!
    Wish you the best.

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