Eerie, eerie

I was goofing around on my new computer a couple days ago and decided to look up an old friend from college. Last I had known, she was going to a Columbia Law School, which surprised me, because she’d always been sort of non-corporate and non-conformist. However, when I started typing in her name, the first thing that came up was an obituary! It turns out she died in the middle of 2013. The details were vague, but the more I could find out, the more creepy everything sounds. She died in England, and her parents thanked the staff at a particular hospital in Basildon. I looked up the name, and found it was a psychiatric hospital. From the way I understood it, she actually died in the hospital, although nothing in the article said how.

So, that leaves me wondering what happened, and if I really want to know. I looked at her online things like Twitter, and everything stops abruptly at the end of February, when she seems to be in the US, and she died in England in June. I found that she published a book of song lyrics some time that year, and in it she says she’s in Ecuador. But when was that, and what happened between then and June?

I kind of suspect it was some sort of drug-related disaster. She was really into experimenting with hallucinogens while we were in college, which made me very, very nervous. Did she have some really bad experience with them and go off the rails?

Her parents also thanked NAMI in the obit. I don’t know if she had had mental problems in the past, or if she had had drug-related problems in the past. I know she had moved home for a while for no clear reason, even though she didn’t have such a good relationship with her mom.

The whole thing is very eerie and makes me feel very sad.

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