Woke up too soon

I had a dream this morning where I was walking around Dog Man’s old neighborhood. It was really different than it had been in other dreams, where it was sort of a slum where everything was made of old wooden boards. Now it was sort of an industrial slum, with lots of metal, and lots of gates with locks to secure different areas. As I walked through I wondered if it had been improved with money he had left to everyone. I saw his brothers at a long table in a yard playing cards, and when I came up to them, I saw that Dog Man was there. I was totally astonished that he wasn’t really dead, but before I had a chance to even figure out what I felt or what I wanted to say, he saw me, and exclaimed (in English) that he had wanted to get in touch with me, and had written me an e-mail, but had spelled my address wrong so I hadn’t gotten it. He called himself an imbecile, which for some reason he pronounced in the French way. He was about to tell me what the e-mail said, but then I suddenly woke up.

The dream left me with an eerie feeling.

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