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I had a dream yesterday that some other Americans and I were being held hostage by a revolutionary or terrorist or fanatical group in Cambodia. As I remember, we were all from different walks of life, but had made them … Continue reading

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Despite advice from EAG/H/my former online friend and my co-worker R. about the importance of making a schedule for myself, I haven’t done it. I guess for me, making a schedule smacks of the kind of compulsiveness I associate with … Continue reading

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Oh yeah –

It’d be nice if I could learn something new everyday. Today I learned how to play Fruit Ninja. That’s not very impressive, but that’s something.

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I signed up for an online class on Scandinavian Film and Television. Hopefully it will give me something good to think about and teach me something new!

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God damn it, I really miss that guy I met online. Messaging him on the computer and on my phone was the most fun I had all of last year. Last night I dreamt I was propositioned by a famous … Continue reading

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Food-related firsts

Since by birthday, I’ve made both cookies and pot roast from scratch for the first time. The cookies were a success. Now I’ll see how the pot roast is.

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