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Mind like a sieve

I’m really disturbed that I don’t seem to be able to remember stuff lately. – Damn it! I wrote most of this post and then accidentally erased it! I’m so upset!

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All right!

A guy dressed like a ninja ran into a hotel near where I used to live and engaged in a fire extinguisher vs. fire extinguisher and kung fu fight with a security guard. Luckily, it was caught on film!

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A lot of weird mishaps

I’ve had a lot of strange little accidents lately. In IKEA I dropped a light bulb and broke it, then I slipped in the shower and fell (that could have been serious, but luckily it was just painful instead), dropped … Continue reading

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Feeling a little guilty

I “outed” some people who were cheating shamelessly on the pub quiz tonight. I feel a little guilty, because I think I must have embarrassed them and spoiled their fun. Isn’t it cheeky to cheat by using a phone to … Continue reading

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