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A sad thing to do.

I recently got the news that a very good friend of mine died in a car accident. I’ve been very upset about it. It turns out a lot of people don’t know — in fact, a lot of people posted … Continue reading

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I wonder if people would really change?

So, now hopefully the vaccines = autism story has been laid to rest permanently. But it makes me wonder what would happen if there was an environmental cause (or trigger) for autism that was found, and it was part of … Continue reading

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The last picture of 2010, and now the first picture.

While the last picture I took last year was the Robert Mitchum one, apparently the first of the year was this one I took at Ji Hye’s holiday party.

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Robert Mitchum in 1944 anti-syphilis film

I picked up a disc of old “educational” films a while back because it contained the bizarre anti-gay film BOYS BEWARE. Looking at a still from an anti-VD film on the back cover, I thought, “Hey! That’s Robert Mitchum!” I … Continue reading

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Brings back memories …

From Blonde wife: You do realize that our son is going to tell his schoolmates that Jesus is either a zombie or a vampire. Then we are going to have to explain to his teacher that we are Jewish. … Continue reading

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