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Phew … no fine.

In other news, I didn’t have to pay a fine for the visa thing. It’s a big relief. In good news, there will be a robot march through Shanghai tomorrow night!

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Weird stuff, bad drivers

I don’t know what phase the moon is in, but in the past couple days it seems like there are tons of bad drivers and strange occurrences. When going to eat dinner with Curtis and Harnett (an Eritrean woman who … Continue reading

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Hey! They never asked ME to do that!

I was irritated that they never invited me to help coach a speech competition, and now I find out they were looking for spies and didn’t even contact me! What am I, chopped liver? An Unlikely Source of Manchurian Candidates: … Continue reading

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No definitive news yet.

I’ve been talking to the school about the problem, and everybody is blaming everybody else. I’m going to go back to the PSB office today and see what happens.

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More crap

In regard to all the crap that’s been happening, I taught my students what Murphy’s Law is, and also the expression “knock on wood,” which I used when expressing the hope that my troubles would be over. Little did I … Continue reading

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Bye, Boy

Johnny Sheffield, ‘Boy’ in Tarzan Movies, Dies at 79 It sounds like he was a pretty successful, stable guy after he stopped acting. That’s nice.

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Something good, and something irritating.

I’ve found a new apartment! It’s in the same compound where I used to live. It has two rooms (one bedroom, one study room), a nice bathroom, and a (somewhat crappy, unfortunately) small kitchen. Most of the stuff in it … Continue reading

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I feel like everything’s going wrong. I think my class today was sucky, partly because the thing I wanted to show wouldn’t download on the school’s crappy internet connection, I think my classes are too easy, I don’t have any … Continue reading

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Gibbering from upstairs

I’ve been staying in my apartment for over two weeks now, and it had some problems that have been resolved, for instance, the gross, stinky fridge and the non-working TV remote control. However, there is another problem that is stranger … Continue reading

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