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Poor Maomao!

I took Maomao to the vet today to get her rabies shot, which is the first step in the list of things to do so I can take her back to China. The trip went pretty well, and I was … Continue reading

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Odd intro.

From a blurb on Chano Pozo, from Chano Pozo played a major role in the founding of Latin jazz, which was essentially a mixture of bebop and Cuban folk music. He gained his musical background from Cuban religious cults.

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How come

just because I like music by a Spanish percussionist, Pandora assumes I want to listen to Flamenco music? One is minimalist percussion, and the other is … Flamenco music. Just because they people making them are Spanish-speaking, it doesn’t follow … Continue reading

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Feeling guilty.

I feel guilty when other people in my program tell me how hard they have been working on stuff. For example, I’m in this grammar class right now, and I thought I’d find it hard, but in reality, the homework … Continue reading

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Today one of my students handed in a paper where he wrote, “The woman saw the ad when she was suffering on the Internet.”

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I missed the opportunity.

Today my horoscope told me, “Don’t hesitate to indicate to competent authorities the cases of ill-treated children or victims of pedophilia.” However, the day is almost over.

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Aftertherapture Pet Care, Inc.

(I deleted the video because it was so big, but it’s easy to find on YouTube.) Strangely enough, there is a Lansing, Michigan connection! These people will look after your pets after you are taken away in the rapture. But … Continue reading

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I keep planning to post in here, but then getting sidetracked. Actually, I often feel the need to talk in here, or I want to post here, but after the debacle of this summer when I found out people from … Continue reading

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It’s World Nutella Day!

As if you need an excuse to eat it! For info on its origin, plus Nutella’s history and a Nutella storefinder, go here.

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