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Things here have been pretty chaotic.  I’ve had my first three days of teaching, and am faced with making a basic course description for my students by next week.  I’m pretty overwhelmed.  So far, what I’ve been doing is a … Continue reading

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Here is the dream I had a couple days ago, the one I wanted to post about: I had a really cinematic dream last night, the kind that makes sleeping worthwhile.  It was all about a young man who was … Continue reading

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Sign correctors punished.

Grammar police punished for “fixing” rare sign I think the usage police would have something to say about the use of “rare” in this sentence too.  It’s strange.  Perhaps “historic” or “distinctive,” or even “unique.”

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Minor details, and stuff to come.

Last night I went to buy a bunch of stuff, including a vacuum cleaner, but came home early because I remembered I had left my window open.  That’s a non-interesting tidbit for all of you. The really interesting thing lately … Continue reading

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Things are expensive.

I continue to settle in here and have had the pleasure of listening to NPR.  Things in East Lansing are a bit more expensive than I had hoped — maybe I screwed up a little.  I decided to get a … Continue reading

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Awww …

Matt’s romantic gesture.

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Hrmmph! No Chinese menu!

My mom and I went to P.F. Chang’s tonight, a restaurant I had only heard of because it was made fun of on South Park.  I asked them if they had a Chinese menu, firstly because many Chinese restaurants really … Continue reading

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Sky on the way.

This is a view from the car on the way to Michigan the other day.  I missed a couple of good shots as we drove along, like the sign for the Sanitary Barbershop in Lockport, which I had never passed … Continue reading

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Tidbits of the day.

I am back in Michigan.  We went to campus today so I could go to the credit union.  Almost everybody around was Chinese, and I randomly accosted some boys who were eating in the same place that we were.  I … Continue reading

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Sometimes information about uninteresting things can be interesting.

This is one example: Rare pictures from WWI POW camp show the birth of sausages in Japan From Daily Mainichi.

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One of my pics on The Netcircle’s blog.

Christine used one of my pictures on her company’s (which is also Curtis and J’s company) blog. An army of German clones 

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Just hangin’ around.

I’m back in Buffalo (or outside of it, anyway), just waiting to move to Michigan.  It’s a bit dull here and there is a real danger of getting stir-crazy.  I’m used to walking around, going out, walking the dog, hanging … Continue reading

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This guy hates you. He even says so.

Angry man sign From

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