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I have a sudden houseguest, who is here to get away from some people who want to murder him! Really! It’s a long story.

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I confronted the neighbors.

I finally confronted the neighbors about their insane, screaming kid. Actually, she’s probably just bratty rather than insane. She’s like 12, but throws tantrums like a two-year-old. She screams, knocks things over, etc. I’ve never run into this type of … Continue reading

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No Tamiflu for you!

Here’s part of a message I got from American Citizens Services of the US Consulate-General in Guangzhou: …the Department of State has decided to pre-position the drug Tamiflu at its Embassies and Consulates worldwide, for eligible U.S. Government employees and … Continue reading

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Dog man dilemma

What do you do when you are attracted to someone that common sense tells you is unsuitable for you? I think I’m attracted to the dog man, the guy whose dog I’ve been walking since the summer time. He’s smart … Continue reading

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Don’t make out in the temple.

Today I saw some foreign tourists get amorous in the Longhua Temple. The man and the woman were about to start making out, from the looks of things, until a temple steward started circling around them, giving them a look. … Continue reading

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I had to show ID!

I had to show my work card to get online at the net bar tonight! I’d heard this was going to happen, and now it finally has. Bummer.

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She fed me candy.

Yesterday I went to a shoe store. The saleslady there offered me candy, and because I thought it would be impolite to refuse it, I said OK. The strange thing was, she wanted to put it in my mouth herself! … Continue reading

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Thank goodness! I took a crap!

I had this friend who said that the whole time he lived in China, he never took a solid crap. Actually, I have a different problem. I almost never crap at all. The amount that comes out is really alarming … Continue reading

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Human scum!

Fans of communist propaganda will enjoy, with its cataloguing of North Korean news releases. It even has a random insult generator!

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Who are these American people?

I just started watching Supersize Me, and I had to turn it off because it gave me a feeling of dread. On of the things it said in the movie was that 1/4 of Americans eat at a fast-food restaurant … Continue reading

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The momal visit.

I always have a hard time writing detailed stuff in the net bar, but I’ll say a little here about my mother’s visit. I’d say it went much better than I expected. I planned very carefully, and none of the … Continue reading

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100% Black Man

Today I saw a Chinese person wearing a shirt that said, “100% Black Man.”

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The murder dream

This was a two-part dream. I had the first part of it early last night, and the latter part just before I woke up this morning. In my dream, I was in the stairwell of an American university building. I … Continue reading

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Momal visit

My mom is here, and things have been going pretty well. It’s tough that she is overdramatic about some things some times, so I don’t know whether to believe what she is saying. The other day, she was like, “Oh, … Continue reading

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